Module guide

Module MA5129-KP04, MA5129

Seminar Genetic Epidemiology (SemGenEpi)


1 Semester
Turnus of offer:

each winter semester
Credit points:

4 (Typ B)
Course of studies, specific field and terms:
  • Master CLS 2023 (compulsory), MML with specialization in Genetic Statistics, 3rd semester
  • Master CLS 2016 (compulsory), MML with specialization in Genetic Statistics, 3rd semester
Classes and lectures:
  • Seminar Genetic Epidemiology (seminar, 2 SWS)
  • 90 Hours work on an individual topic with written and oral presentation
  • 30 Hours in-classroom work
Contents of teaching:
  • Become acquainted with current topics in genetic epidemiology overall and in detail, typically using a current scientific publication, in written and oral form
  • The students have the methodological competence to master the thorough analysis of a circumscribed scientific topic and to put it into scientific perspective.
  • They are competent to present their results comprehensively in written form.
  • They have the communication competence to orally present a scientifically complex topic in a coherent way.
  • They have the communication competence to take an active part in a scientific discussion.
Grading through:
  • Oral presentation and written report
Responsible for this module:
  • Prof. Dr. rer. biol. hum. Inke König
  • Prof. Dr. rer. biol. hum. Inke König
  • English, except in case of only German-speaking participants

Admission requirements for taking the module:
- None (The competencies of the modules listed under 'Requires' are needed for this module, but are not a formal prerequisite)

Admission requirements for participation in module examination(s):
- Examination prerequisites can be defined at the beginning of the semester. If preliminary work is defined, it must have been completed and positively evaluated before the first examination.

Module exam(s):
- MA5129-L1: Seminar Genetic Epidemiology, ungraded seminar, 0 % of module grade, must be passed

Specialized literature will be named in class.

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