The exams of the MINT-study courses are centrally organized. A regular and successful participation in the teaching modules, apart from the self-study, is strongly recommended as a solid preparation for the examinations. The total amount of time allocated to a written examination is usually between 60 and 180 minutes (Examination Regulations).

For more information about date/time and place consult the UnivIS and folow the link for the IB studies. In case of inconsistencies, please immediatly inform the module responsible person

Persons who, due to physical/mental limitations, require a change of examination conditions may submit a formal request to the examination board 2 weeks before the exam takes place.

Repetition of exams and practical courses

In case of a failed examination (written or oral), the exam can be repeated up to two times only. The re-examination date (mostly around the start of the next semester), will be announced in due time. If you take an exam for the first time and fail, you have to re-take the exam the next possible term offered (mandatory): Not showing up at the first possible re-examination date offered, for those that already participated once/twice* in the exam, will be graded as a fail unless ill and in this case, please fill the following form (sick notification) attach an offical doctor's attestation and send/bring the form to the Students Service Center as soon as possible.

Note, in case of a failed practical course, the student can only repeat the (whole) course one year later.

*Anyone who has failed an examination for the second time is required to make an appointment with the Examination Committee within one month after receipt of the result (well before re-taking the exam for the final trial).