Modul CS3125-KP04

Hardware internship (HWPr)


1 Semester
Turnus of offer:

each winter semester
Credit points:

4 (Typ B)
Course of studies, specific field and terms:
  • Bachelor MES 2020 (optional subject), Elective, 5th semester at the earliest
  • Bachelor Computer Science 2019 (optional subject), Extended optional subjects, Arbitrary semester
  • Bachelor IT-Security 2016 (optional subject), computer science, Arbitrary semester
Classes and lectures:
  • CS3125-P: Hardware Internship (practical course, 3 SWS)
  • 50 Hours work on project
  • 40 Hours in-classroom work
  • 30 Hours group work
Contents of teaching:
  • Levels of abstraction in circuit design
  • Design process and design strategies
  • Introduction to the hardware description language VHDL
  • Modelling of standard components in VHDL
  • Creation of test environments and VHDL simulation cycle
  • Circuit board design
  • Hardware-based processing of sensor information
  • Control of industrial equipment with the aid of an FPGA
  • Students can design a digital circuit with VHDL based on a non-formal description of a digital system. design a digital circuit with VHDL
  • They can simulate and test VHDL descriptions
  • They can determine which VHDL constructs are converted into which hardware structures
  • They can explain the VHDL simulation cycle
  • They can create synthesis-compatible VHDL descriptions
  • They can integrate sensors into a hardware design, address them and process data
  • They can easily design and assemble circuit boards
  • They can integrate and test modules in a larger system
Grading through:
  • continuous, successful participation in practical course
Responsible for this module:
  • F. Kesel, R. Bartholomä: Entwurf von digitalen Schaltungen und Systemen mit HDLs und FPGAs - Oldenbour Verlag 2009
  • C.Maxfield: The Design Warrior's Guide to FPGAs - Newnes 2004
  • offered only in German

Admission requirements for taking the module:
- None

Admission requirements for participation in module examination(s):
- Successful completion of the internship

Module Exam(s):
CS3125-L1: Hardware Internship, ungraded internship, 100% of the (non existent) module grade

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