Earning a Doctorate at our University

Are you fascinated by medicine, informatics, biosciences, engineering or cultural studies and want to make a contribution to the advancement of science in these fields? Are you looking for a scientific discourse with kindred spirits? How about earning a doctorate at our Universität zu Lübeck, where we offer multifaceted opportunities, not to mention a youthful life in a time-honoured city situated between Hamburg and the sea.

Centre for Doctoral Studies Lübeck: Services for Your Doctoral Studies

Our Centre for Doctoral Studies Lübeck guides you from step one through the entire course of your doctoral programme, offering Services that span a wide range of qualification options tailored to help you build your individual career in the industry or academics. As a doctoral student at our Centre for Doctoral Studies Lübeck, you have access to all our programmes.

Earn a Doctorate in an Excellent Research Environment

Excellence and pragmatism – Our Universität zu Lübeck offers an excellent and superbly networked research environment with third-party funded doctoral programmes integrated into the
BioMedTec Science Campus in Lübeck.
Our closely-linked work with clinical institutes, the Lübeck University of Applied Sciences and companies based in the region are the other pillars of our practice-driven research.

Career Step »Doctorate« Different Paths to a Doctorate

One excellent point to start earning your doctorate is to obtain a relevant master’s degree. However, if you are keen on research, from the field of medicine and have excellent bachelor’s degree grades, our structured model is ideal way for you to acquire the prerequisites for a doctorate.

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