A doctorate in an excellent research environment

Excellence and pragmatism! The University of Lübeck offers doctoral programmes funded by third parties and embedded into the BioMedTec Science Campus: a superb networked environment for your doctorate.
Regardless of whether you seek an independent or structured doctorate, or you are a medical, computer science or natural sciences student, you can count on a multitude of opportunities to earn one of the doctorates we confer at the University of Lübeck.

Center for Doctoral Studies Lübeck: Service for your graduation

From the initial consultation over the entire course of your graduation: The Service offers a wide range of qualification programs for doctoral researchers as well as individual career counseling for careers in industry and academia. As doctoral researcher of the Center for Doctoral Studies Lübeck the doors to our offers are open for you.

Structured doctoral programmes

International and interdisciplinary research: our Center for Doctoral Studies, graduate colleges and cluster of excellence offer structured doctoral programmes. If you seek technical exchange, networking and commitment - this is the right place for you.

Our university’s Graduate Service Center organises and supports these programmes.

Building blocks for a successful career: Roads towards a doctorate

An excellent starting point for your promotion is a completed relevant Master degree. But research interested applicants from medicine and excellent Bachelor graduates can acquire the requirements for a doctorate as part of our structured doctoral programmes.

Center for Doctoral Studies


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