LeftBackground: Fabienne Aust, Angelika Schley, Zacharias Heinrich, Tim Schrills, Jan Hendric Britsemmer, Nadine Odenthal
LeftForeground: Madita Goeb, Lena Shadow, René Pallenberg, Abdelrahman Elhakim.

PhD Council

In 2020, a representative body representing the interests of PhD candidates at the University of Lübeck was elected, called “Promovierendenrat” (PhD Council). It represents all those who are pursuing a doctorate at the university - both in the field of STEM and in medicine*.

The PhD council is responsible for:

  • representing the interests of the PhD candidates
  • the participation in matters of the PhD candidates
  • the promotion of networking among PhD candidates
  • the support of the PhD candidates in matters of the doctorate

If you would also like to get involved with PhD students and support us, please feel free to attend our next meeting. Please write an email to beforehand.

The PhD council also sends representatives to the Senate and Senatecommittees. The regular term of office of the members is 2 years.

Attention: Med. students who already begin a PhD thesis during their studies are officially not listed as PhD candidates and are supervised by the student council of Medicine and Health (Fachschaft für Medizin und Gesundheit). Corresponding adjustments of the circumstances will be a working point of the newly elected doctoral council.



Dear PhD candidates,

did you know that there is no central mail distribution list for
PhD candidates? We want to change that!

Who are we? We are your newly elected members of the PhD council of the University of Lübeck and we are looking forward to representing your interests as a doctoral student in the next two years!

Our first goal as council is to create a network of all
PhD candidates of the university. Therefore we would like to ask you to join our common Moodle course of the PhD council.

In our new PhD forum you can…
   - ask questions and concerns in a discussion forum
   - find important information and forms regarding the promotion process
   - find current events, resolutions of our meetings
   - be always up to date with regard to networking events

If you have any questions, you can of course always contact us personally or send us an email to doktorandenrat(at)uni-luebeck(dot)de.

Best regards

your PhD Council





Enrollment and registration for doctoral studies

All PhD candidates have to follow the newe checklist (download here).

Everybody must be enrolled at the university and registered at CDSL.

The new doctoral regulations make enrollment mandatory for all doctoral students. This enrollment is done by registering as a PhD candidate at the Student Service Center, as described here.

PhD candidates who were enrolled as students at the University of Lübeck do not have to pay the enrollment fee and only have to fill out the form "Antrag auf Einschreibung in ein Promotionssemester", that can be found here (at doctorate semester).

Registration at CDSL is also obligatory as part of the supervision agreement. By registering, PhD candidates become members of the CDSL free of charge and can benefit from the wide range of offers and be informed about further education and networking opportunities.

If you are considering pursuing a doctorate in medicine, you can find all the relevant information about registration and the doctoral process here.

Since July 2023, there has been a new doctoral regulation for the MINT section (downloadable here), which applies to all doctoral candidates who have not yet submitted their dissertation. If you are interested in a doctorate in the section, familiarize yourself with the currently valid doctoral regulations and check whether you meet the admission requirements. At the beginning of the doctorate, the following application process is mandatory:

  1. Application to check the admission requirements
  2. Enrollment at the university
  3. Registration at CDSL
  4. Completion of a supervision agreement





Election of the PhD Council

Who does the PhD council represent?
The PhD council represents all those who are seeking a doctorate at the University of Lübeck - both in the STEM and in the medical field.

What is the composition of the PhD council?
The PhD council consists of 10 members. Of these, 5 seats are reserved for PhD candidates from the Medical section and 5 for PhD candidates from the STEM section.

How is the PhD council elected?
The PhD council is regularly elected every two years during the university committee elections. The election takes place together with other university elections as online elections. All enrolled PhD candidates of the University of Lübeck are entitled to vote, as described above.

How can I run for election?
Any PhD candidates can be a candidate for the PhD council. Candidatures can be submitted to the election committee up to about one month before the election. Further information can be found here.

Attention: Only PhD candidates enrolled at the University of Lübeck can participate in the election. Currently, med students who already begin a PhD thesis during their studies are excluded from the election.


STEM section: Fabienne Aust, Jan Hendric Britsemmer, Zacharias Heinrich, Nadine Odenthal, René Pallenberg, Lena Schadow, Tim Schrills

Medical section: Abdelrahman Elhakim, Angelika Schley

Tim Schrills

René Pallenberg

Angelika Schley

Co-opted Members: Luis Eichelmann, Max Moll