Register. And Enjoy the Benefits!


Registration at the CDSL is preceded by the following steps:

- Enrollment at the Student Service Center for doctoral studies. The International Office is responsible for the enrolment of international doctoral candidates.

- For doctorates in the Section of Medicine: Registration of your doctoral project at the Doctoral Office Medicine. You will need proof that your doctoral project has been accepted!

- For doctorates in the STEM sections: Checking your admission requirements for the doctorate at the STEM doctoral office. You will need proof that you have been admitted.


Only then can you register at the CDSL - regardless of whether you are doing an individual or structured doctorate.

By registering with the CDSL, you become a member of the CDSL free of charge and can benefit from our wide range of services.

And this is what you get out of it:

- a central advice center for doctoral researchers

- a free qualification programme to prepare you for your university or non-university career

- access to CDSL scholarships

- a network and exchange portal for doctoral researchers