The Medicine Section

The medicine section at our university is ready to face the enormous challenges posed by 21st century medicine on many fronts. Clearly defined fields of research, fostering of innovative approaches in-house, and providing a lively framework for research set the foundations for excellence of our results.

Our focus on biomedical research is in the fields of “infection and inflammation”, “brain, hormones, behaviour” and “biomedical engineering.”

This is complemented by our high-profile fields, “medical genetics”, “translational oncology” and “population medicine and healthcare research”, which have been established successfully from a scientific standpoint.

We have the leading education programme in Germany. In teaching our students, we foster the following:

  • Specialised knowledge needed in the future
  • Practical capabilities and skills
  • Scientific work
  • Social and ethical skills

As part of their qualification requirements, postdocs (habilitants) participate in a teaching programme at the university.

The results of our research, per professor, always rank in the top third of all medical schools in Germany, while the academic teaching programme of the Medicine Section has achieved the top spot for years (CHE ranking).

Our Medicine Section cultivates intensive teamwork with partners from a diverse range of institutes, the primary ones being the Informatics/Engineering and Natural Sciences Sections, and the Research Centre Borstel.

Moreover, directly adjacent to the science campus we cooperate with the Fraunhofer task force on cell differentiation and technology. In fact, we even offer common classes with the Lübeck University of Applied Sciences and have a broad network of international collaborations.

The high standard of medical research in conjunction with excellent education of future medical practitioners is defined by the latest knowledge applied to deliver the best possible patient care for upholding the ultimate mission of medicine:

Hinder, heal, and mitigate illness and suffering.

Degree Programmes

The Medicine Section encompasses the programme "Medicine" and the new bachelor’s programme in

Students gain university level medical knowledge through the bachelor’s programme "Molecular Life Science", the master’s programme "Infection Biology" and in the programme "Psychology".