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Stipend/Fellowship Search


Looking for a stipend/fellowship? Use the Stipendienlotse of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), an interactive platform where you can enter your criteria to find the best match. This central database of private and public scholarships, offered across Germany and abroad, has many filters like your education phase, field and preferred region to help you quickly select the ideal donor and programme.


The Mystipendium portal is a free service to help students find stipend/fellowship programmes. The system matches over 2,100 grants valued at around € 610 million to display only those that match your particular CV. The platform also has numerous articles on how to Apply for a Stipend/Fellowship and application templates you can fill in.


platform guides and advises internationally mobile researchers, who would like to come to Germany or go to another country to conduct research. It includes information on stipend/fellowship options, job openings, social security and taxation issues and other facets concerning the mobility of researchers. This service is free.


International students can apply for a grant to a host of organisations, such as DAAD, foundations affiliated with a political party, denominational institutions, or scientific organisations. You can find information on various types of grants and the one that best matches your needs, right here in the: DAAD Stipend/Fellowship Database.


Fellowships at DZHK in Lübeck for Medical Students in Advanced Doctorate Semesters

DZHK’s German Centre for Cardiovascular Research in Lübeck awards six fellowships to medical students in advanced doctorate semesters. This programme guarantees add-on funding to support such students, who have been a part of the workgroup for at least a year, or have been actively participating at the DZHK institute in Lübeck as a PI (principal investigator), and who wish to continue working on their project for at least another half year. The aim is to ensure that these students, who have demonstrated solid scientific commitment and whose work could benefit greatly from another half year of practical aspects, can satisfactorily finish their work. The programme is also open to medical students studying for a doctorate, who wish to commence a new research project at DZHK.

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Motherhood allowances

The Academy of the German Centre for Infection Research (DZIF) offers special allowances to make it easier for scientists to return to their profession after maternity leave or extended parental leave. DZIF project managers or employees can return on a part-time or full-time basis. Moreover, DZIF offers discretionary funding for technical assistants, pregnant women and young mothers and fathers working on DZIF projects, to support them during parental leave. For more information, please visit the Academy.

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RISE Germany – Research Internships in Science and Engineering –

Research internships for doctoral students in Germany

DAAD fosters exchanges of student from North America and the UK to Germany, in the fields of natural sciences, life science and engineering. Hence, it welcomes applications from doctoral candidates at German universities and non-university institutions for a research internship abroad in the summer of 2016.

North American and British students studying for their bachelor’s degree support doctoral students with their experiments during a 3-month internship in Germany, in the summer of 2016.

Students in the following fields are eligible: biology, life science, chemistry, physics, geoengineering and engineering.

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