IT Security

Confidentiality, integrity, availability and reliability

Nowadays, the security and reliability of modern IT systems does play a key role in the economic success of companies and entire economies. Similarly, each one of us is impacted on a personal level by the theft of passwords or our digital identities.

We will prepare you to serve as IT security experts and informatics professionals ready to influence the future of our digital society.

Exchange program USA

A Semester in the USA? No Problem

The Universität zu Lübeck and the Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) in the US offer an attractive exchange program for students of IT-Security and Computer Science. 

Within the program, two students per semester can spend a term at the WPI in Worcester, Massachusetts, to study and experience life on an American campus.  The tuition fees in the US are covered by the program.


Programming and software engineering, algorithms and data structures, mathematical fundamentals, technical and theoretical informatics, databases and operating systems: Informatics is the foundation of IT security. The knowledge and skills you will acquire from our lectures will be applied and consolidated through training and project work from extremely diverse fields.

The Best Conditions for Studying & Teaching

Our university has a great teacher-student ratio, marked by dedicated professors, small workgroups and excellent facilities that foster solid support for students, not counting the ideal conditions for educational development of our lecturers.

Job prospects

With a bachelor’s degree in Informatics you will be on par with any general informatics professional for practical development of software. Moreover, you have special expertise on how to address security aspects in systems under development. You could hold any of the following positions:
– Software Developer
– IT Security Consultant
– Security Analyst
– Researcher
– System Architect for IT Security

Bachelor (de) and Master (en) IT Security  How to

Degree Programmes