Bachelor’s Degree

Bachelor of Science in IT Security

Bachelor of Science in IT Security

University degree conferred
Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)

Prescribed period of study
6 semesters

Programme start
Only in the winter semester (starting in WS 2016 / 2017)

Number of Credit points (KP) / ECTS credits
180 KP / ECTS credits


For an overview of the degree course phases, please see the
Programme plan. For details of the lectures/courses, see the
Curriculum. For currently scheduled lectures in each semester, visit our

Bachelor’s Degree Syllabus

The main theme of our bachelor’s programme in IT Security is the design of more secure and reliable information processing systems for general and special applications. This means you learn to specify application requirements, design and analyse processes to resolve the tasks at hand, develop data structures and algorithms, implement these in software and hardware, and provide evidence that such a system design fulfils the stated requirements.


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Student Advisor:

Anja Rabich
Studiengangskoordinatorin IT-Sicherheit
M.Sc. Marc Stelzner
Stellv. Studiengangskoordinator IT-Sicherheit

Help with Applications:

Fiona Schnüttgen