Additional Research Areas

Population Medicine and Healthcare Research (ZBV)

A host of diverse specialist workgroups are focused on our high-profile research facet of “Population Medicine and Healthcare Research” at the Lübeck
Centre for Population Medicine (ZBV)

ZBV offers a common platform to 20 workgroups and 13 chairs at the Universität zu Lübeck, University of Kiel, the Lübeck University of Applied Sciences, and academics-oriented healthcare institutions in Lübeck.

The research at ZBV aims to analyse, assess and predict health risks, illnesses and care affecting the regional population. The primary goal here is to ensure evidence-based, efficient, need-driven medical services.

ZBV is a significant source of scientifically reviewed information on the outcomes of patient care. Hence, our high-profile facet of research represents a crucial bridge between science and politics in Schleswig-Holstein.