Main Research Areas

Brain, Hormones and Behaviour

The workgroups for “Brain, Hormones and Behaviour” are involved in researching the interrelationships between CNS regulation, the endocrine system and metabolism, as well as normal and abnormal behaviour.

A key facet of this effort occurred in October 2009, marked by the founding of the Centre for Brain, Behaviour and Metabolism – CBBM, which commenced work in its namesake research centre in 2015.

CBBM addresses the following scientific issues, among others:

- Consolidation of memory processes via sleep. The investigation covers memory at the behaviour level (e.g., cognitive) and metabolic or immunological levels.

- The significance of the brain for glucose regulation and supernumerary neuroendocrine regulation of the energy balance.

- The physiology and pathophysiology of motion disorders.

The work here is one of the key pillars of the focus of research in medicine in Lübeck and includes partner institutes involved in informatics and engineering.