Bachelor’s Degree


Examination board IT Security

The examination board decides, among other things, on the recognition of academic achievements.

Special examination situations

If one of the following situations applies with regard to examinations, please take a look at the process portal:

  • Withdrawing from an examination due to illness
  • Impaired participation in examinations due to short or long-term illness/injury (disadvantage compensation)
  • Failure to pass a third examination attempt (hardship application)


Please refer to the process portal for the procedure regarding final theses. In principle, the final thesis can be carried out at all computer science and mathematics institutes.

Recognition of academic achievements

Achievements that have already been completed in another study program or at another university can, if necessary, be recognized by the examination board for the IT Security degree program. Further details on the process can be found in the process portal.


Two regulations apply to the Bachelor's and Master's degree programs in IT Security:

1. Examination procedure regulations for all study programs: These regulations contain guidelines that apply to all technical and scientific study programs at the University of Lübeck.

2. Study program-specific study program regulations: All regulations that apply specifically to the study program are summarized here. Among other things, the modules for the entire semester are listed here and a study plan is presented. There are program regulations for both Bachelor's and Master's degrees.

All current versions of the regulations can be found here. For each student, the version that was most recent at the start of the studies applies.

Examination schedule

Examinations for all STEM study programs are organized centrally each semester. Every lecturer is required to adhere to this central plan.

Current exam schedule for the current semester

In this schedule only the respective compulsory courses are observed, the dates for purely elective courses are usually set by the lecturers after consultation.

All examination dates can also be found in UnivIS.

Student Advisor:

Anja Rabich
Studiengangskoordinatorin IT-Sicherheit
M.Sc. Marc Stelzner
Stellv. Studiengangskoordinator IT-Sicherheit