Bachelor’s Degree

Program plan Bachelor IT Security

The program plan provides an overview of the semester in which the various courses should be attended, which elective courses can be taken, how many credit points / ECTS points are awarded for the modules, and in what form they take place: as a lecture, exercise, project, or seminar.

Detailed descriptions of the individual modules are available in the curriculum.

Further information on the course of study and on elective courses is provided in the regulations.


Program plans

Progam plan WS 2020
As of WS20/21

Student Advisor:

M.Sc. Ida Bruhns
Studiengangskoordinatorin IT-Sicherheit
Fiona Schnüttgen
M.Sc. Marc Stelzner
Stellv. Studiengangskoordinator IT-Sicherheit
Dr. Sabine Voigt