Modul CS5170 T

Module part: Hardware/Software Co-Design (HWSWCoda)


1 Semester
Turnus of offer:

each winter semester
Credit points:

Course of studies, specific field and terms:
  • Master Computer Science 2019 (module part), Module part, Arbitrary semester
  • Master Entrepreneurship in Digital Technologies 2020 (module part), Module part, Arbitrary semester
  • Master IT-Security 2019 (module part), Module part, 1st or 2nd semester
  • Master Entrepreneurship in Digital Technologies 2014 (module part), Module part, Arbitrary semester
  • Master Computer Science 2014 (module part), Module part, Arbitrary semester
Classes and lectures:
  • Hardware/Software Co-Design (exercise, 1 SWS)
  • Hardware/Software Co-Design (lecture, 2 SWS)
  • 20 Hours exam preparation
  • 45 Hours in-classroom work
  • 55 Hours private studies
Contents of teaching:
  • System design flow
  • Basic architectures for HW/SW systems
  • System design and modelling
  • System synthesis
  • Algorithms for scheduling
  • System partitioning
  • Algorithms for system partitioning
  • Design systems
  • Performance analysis
  • System design and specification with SystemC
  • Application examples
  • Students are able to determine a suitable hardware/software architecture for a given system description
  • They are able to determine and describe the pros and cons of implementation alternatives
  • They are able to apply methods for system partitioning
  • They are able to translate non-formal system descriptions into formal models
  • They are able to explain the different steps in system synthesis
  • They are able to estimate the quality of system designs
  • They are able to create system descriptions in SystemC
Grading through:
  • exam type depends on main module
Responsible for this module:
  • Siehe Hauptmodul
  • F. Kesel: Modellierung von digitalen Systemen mit SystemC - Oldenbourg Verlag 2012
  • Teich, J., Haubelt, C.: Digital Hardware/Software-Systeme. Synthese und Optimierung - Berlin: Springer 2007
  • offered only in German

(Is module part of CS4290, CS4505)
(Is equal to CS5170)

Admission requirements for taking the module:
- None

Admission requirements for participation in module examination(s):
- Successful completion of exercise assignments as specified at the beginning of the semester

Module Exam(s):
- CS5170-L1: Hardware/Software Co-Design, oral exam, 100% of the module grade

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