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Modul LS2600-KP06, LS2601

Biological Chemistry (BiolChem06)


1 Semester
Turnus of offer:

each winter semester
Credit points:

Course of studies, specific field and terms:
  • Master CLS 2023 (compulsory), MML with specialization in Life Science, 1st semester
  • Bachelor MLS 2018 (compulsory), Chemistry, 3rd semester
  • Bachelor MLS 2016 (compulsory), life sciences, 3rd semester
  • Master CLS 2016 (compulsory), MML with specialization in Life Science, 1st semester
  • Bachelor MLS 2009 (compulsory), life sciences, 3rd semester
Classes and lectures:
  • Biological Chemistry (lecture, 4 SWS)
  • 60 Hours in-classroom work
  • 120 Hours private studies
Contents of teaching:
  • Lecture topics:
  • What is Biological Chemistry?
  • The nature of chemical bonds
  • Chemical reactions to modify proteins
  • Synthesis of peptides
  • Chemical analytics - MS and NMR
  • Metabolic labeling
  • Chemical reactions to follow the fate of molecules in cells and whole organisms
  • The nature of chemical bonds - an in depth treatment based on quantum mechanical principles
  • How to use synthetic organic chemistry to solve biological questions
  • In-depth treatment of reaction mechanisms of chemical reactions important in biological systems
  • Analytical techniques to identify and characterize compounds
Grading through:
  • written exam
Responsible for this module:
  • Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Ulrich Günther
  • Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Ulrich Günther
  • Dr. Alvaro Mallagaray
  • Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Karsten Seeger
  • PD Dr. phil. nat. Thomas Weimar
  • Paula Y. Bruice: Organic Chemistry - Pearson Verlag
  • James Keeler and Peter Wothers: Chemical Structure and Reactivity: An integrated approach - Oxford University Press, 2008; second ed. 2013ISBN: 978-0-19-928930-1
  • offered only in German

Prerequisites for the module:
- None

Prerequisites for admission to the written examination:
- None

Modul exam(s):
- LS2600-L1: Biological Chemistry, written exam, 90 min, 100 % of module grade

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