Molecular Life Science

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Why should I study Molecular Life Science?

Are you interested in working on basic research in medicine, or would you prefer to conduct research in applied medicine or biotech, or perhaps work at companies involved in these fields? Our graduates address issues spanning research into 3D structures of proteins or sugars on the surfaces of viruses, new treatments for infections and inflammations, and new methods for applying a patient’s own tissues. The MLS programme covers the fields of molecular cell and structural biology and their application in medicine and biotechnology.


Why should I study at the Universität zu Lübeck?

Our bachelor’s and master’s programmes in MLS offer innovative opportunities to study and conduct research at the interface of mathematics, informatics, natural sciences and medicine. The programmes are integrated early on into ongoing research at the university, the Research Centre Borstel and at companies located on campus and close by. With our university’s focus on research, everything’s almost around the corner and we have a host of interdisciplinary research projects.

At our university, nearly all the lectures are designed for you as an MLS degree student, and you encounter students from other programmes only for basic courses in the first semester.
This means that you work in small groups, get to know other students quickly, and remain in close contact with your lecturers, who are there to assist you, right from the start.