Module Guide before WS 2016/17

Modul LS2000-MLS

Biochemistry 1 (Biochem1)


1 Semester
Turnus of offer:

each winter semester
Credit points:

Course of studies, specific field and terms:
  • Bachelor MLS 2009 (compulsory), life sciences, 3rd semester
Classes and lectures:
  • Biochemistry I (practical course, 4 SWS)
  • Biochemistry I (lecture, 4 SWS)
  • 120 Hours in-classroom work
  • 180 Hours private studies
Contents of teaching:
  • Lectures: Characteristics of biosystems
  • Biomolecules
  • Proteins: structure and dynamics
  • Enzymes: structure, function, regulation
  • Metabolism of carbohydrates: Properties of carbohydrates, Functions of carbohydrates, Metabolic pathways
  • Citric acid cycle
  • Oxidative phosphorylation
  • Lipid metabolism- I
  • Lipid metabolism- II
  • Amino acid oxidation and the urea cycle
  • Practical course groups of 2: Biological buffer systems
  • Photometric methods / hemoglobin
  • Protein separation I:
  • Enzymatic Catalysis
  • Characterization of carbohydrates
  • Understanding structures and functions of biochemical important biomolecules
  • Understanding biochemical interrelations and their importance for cellular metabolism
  • Estimation of the biotechnological potential of biomolecules
  • Studying of biochemical separation and analysis procedures
  • Practicing
  • Quantitave evaluation, protocolling and discussion of outcomes of biochemical experiments
Grading through:
  • written exam
Responsible for this module:
  • Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Rolf Hilgenfeld
  • Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Rolf Hilgenfeld
  • Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Stefan Anemüller
  • Prof. Dr. Lars Redecke
  • Dr. math. et dis. nat. Jeroen Mesters
  • PD Dr. rer. nat. Christina Zechel
  • Voet/Voet: Biochemistry - 4th edition, 2011, Wiley
  • Lehninger: Principles of Biochemistry - 6th edition, 2013, Freeman
  • Stryer: Biochemistry - 7th edition, 2012, Freeman
  • Lodish et al.: Molecular Cell Biology - 7th edition, 2013, Freeman
  • Alberts et al.: Molecular Biology of the Cell - 5th edition, 2008, Garland Science
  • offered only in English

Successful participation in the practical course: Prerequisite for examination: each student needs a minimum of 2 certificates during the practical course and marked protocols.

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