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Degree programmes

At the Universität zu Lübeck, we offer degree programmes at the interface of medicine, natural sciences and informatics:
Biophysics (Bachelor’s and master's degree)
Medicine (State board examination)
Informatics (Bachelor’s and master’s degree)
Molecular Life Science (Bachelor’s and English-language master’s degree)
Computational Life Science (Bachelor’s and master’s degree)
Nutritional Medicine (Bachelor’s and English-language master’s degree)
Medical Engineering (Bachelor’s and master’s degree)
Medical Informatics  (Bachelor’s and master’s degree)
Nursing (Bachelor’s degree)
Physiotherapy (Bachelor’s degree)
Psychology (Bachelor’s and master’s degree)
Infection Biology (English language medium for master’s degree)
IT Security (Bachelor’s and English-language master's degree)
Entrepreneurship in Digital Technologies (Master’s degree)
Media Informatics (Bachelor’s and master’s degree)
Robotics und Autonomous Systems  (Bachelor’s degree and English language master's degree)
Auditory Technology (Master's degree)
Artificial Intelligence (English-language master's degree)

All degree programmes are taught in German unless stated otherwise.
German language requirements

There are no admission  prerequisites for the programmes in Biophysics, Informatics, IT Security, Medical Informatics, Media Informatics, Entrepreneurship in Digital Technologies, Computational Life Science and Robotics and Autonomous Systems. For these programmes, you will be admitted if you meet the requirements for a university education in Germany and submit your complete application on time to the uni-assist association.

There are admission prerequisites for the programmes in Medicine, Molecular Life Science, Psychology, Infecion Biology and Medical Engineering. If we have more applicants than our quota, applicants are selected by their grades and state quotas. Of the total quota, we reserve a set number of places for foreign students: 5% of the total quota for medical school and 8% for Molecular Life Science, Psychology and Medical Engineering.
Abitur (University Entrance Certificate) and application process
The left side contains more information on the German Abitur and the application process.

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