Robotics and Autonomous Systems

Shape the future – Accept responsibility

Robots and autonomous systems are revolutionising production worldwide, and robots and essentially autonomous support systems are taking a foothold in households.

If you want to be more than just an onlooker of how the world is transforming all around us, then this is the place. Accept responsibility and help shape our future!

Maintain and control plants

flora robotica

Robots not only can maintain plants but also control their growth.


Areas of application:

- architecture

- green spaces

Why study "Robotics and Autonomous Systems"?

"By 2025, the share of tasks performed by robots will rise from a global average of around 10 percent to about 25 percent across all manufacturing sectors."
bcg.perspectives, 23 Sep. 2015 by Sirkin, Zinser and Rose

"[...] Predictions are that service robots [...] will soon surpass the economic significance of industrial robots."
Expert Commission on “Research and Innovation,” 2016 Report

The Best Conditions for Studying & Teaching

Our university has a great teacher-student ratio, marked by dedicated professors, small workgroups and excellent facilities that foster solid support for students, not counting the ideal conditions for educational development of our lecturers.

Job Prospects

The first bachelor’s degree programme in robotics – in Germany!

In times of rapidly advancing technology marked by growing global knowledge, it is crucial to be possess the ability to orient yourself in a diverse range of fields.

That is why we focus on such expertise for our students: you solve tough electrotechnical, mechanical and informatics challenges and, hence, are best prepared to face the future job market.

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Robotics and Autonomous Systems Programme

The courses of the bachelor degree program is generally taught in German. In particular, applicants must have a good command of German. Please consult the German pages on the programs for details.  

Robotics and Autonomous System Courses Taught in English

Although the majority of the courses in the bachelor degree program are taught in German, there are a number of courses taught in English that are suitable for exchange students. Please feel free to inquire and head over to our contacts page.

The consecutive master program will be taught in English and is therefore very well eligible for exchange and foreign students interested in pursuing their academic education in Lübeck.

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