Master’s Degree


The master's programme "Robotics and Autonomous Systems" is taught in english, please see informations regarding the application process below.

All EU-citizen can apply using the application tool.

All Non-EU-citizen can apply using "".

What are the application deadlines?

Winter term: 01.05. - 15.07.

Summer term: 15.11. - 15.01

I have problems finding "Robotics and Autonomous Systems" on "".

If you have trouble finding our master's program on "" please enter "Rob" in the field where you should enter your course name or letters contained in course name, then it should be displayed.

Unfortunately the listing isn't working correctly at the moment, so please use the workaround above.

Are there any language requirements?

You should be able to follow technical information in english. Furthermore your english level should be atleast "B2".

Here you can find more details:

International Office

Am I eligible to apply?

If you come from an technical background like robotics, computer science or something similiar give it a shot.

It is necessary to provide a proof of 32 credits in mathematics as well as 28 credits in computer science/technology. This is mandatory for a further processing of your application.

It is important to indicate the credits in ECTS. If necessary, an official confirmation from the university for the conversion of their credits into ECTS and/or at least a proof of the composition of the modules (semester hours per week of theory, practice and self-study) must be provided. 

How many applicants can be accepted?

Due to the fact that this is the first year where this masters program is offered there is no defined number yet.

Are there any options to learn the native language if I become a student of your university?

Yes there are, you can find them here.

What is the cost of living in Lübeck?

It depends on your accommodation but generelly speaking you can expect monthly costs at around:

- 300€ for housing

- 250€ for food

- 200€ other costs (mobilephone, insurance, banking fees, clothes, etc.)

I need further assistance.

Feel free to consult any of the staff on the right of this page or the International Office.

Why should I study in Lübeck?

With roughly 5,000 students at our Universität zu Lübeck, we offer many advantages over big universities:

  • Personal contact with institutes and lecturers
  • Small study groups
  • No overflowing auditoriums
  • A place to study and work
  • A big campus

Personal Consultation:

Dr.-Ing. Kristian Ehlers
Studiengangskoordination RAS; Sprechstunde auf Anfrage
Fiona Schnüttgen