Degree Programmes

Application Documents

Please note that you must apply through uni-assist !

[Unless you fall under one of the following groups:

  • German citizens, EU citizens, and non-EU citizens  who went to a German school
    can get information and application forms from the
    Student Service Centre.
  • International students who commenced their studies at another University in Germany 
    (Transfer to another university). Please attach a current transcript to your application.
  • International students applying for admission to a master’s programme
    and who have obtained a bachelor’s degree in Germany.
  • Graduates of a University Qualification Programme (Studienkolleg)
  • Students applying for admission to a higher semester
    in any programme (effective as of WS 2013/14)]

You must include the following documents in your application:

  • Please note that at the Universität zu Lübeck we no longer accept applications for a second-choice programme!
  • Uncertified copies of your transcript of records (Abitur, University Entrance Certificate), including the associated list of individual grades (if applicable, include an officially certified translation of your records into English or German)
  • Uncertified copies of any other university certificates or aptitude tests you may have, along with associated lists of individual grades by semester or year or diploma supplement (as applicable)
  • Certificate of proficiency in German 
    (not necessary for master degree programmes in English)
  • (For master degree programmes taught in English)Certificate of proficiency in English: English-language skills, upper B2 level (B2+ or B2.3; CERF Pre-Advanced): native speaker; TOEFL score 79 or better; IELTS 6.0 or better; German Abitur with at least 7 years of english classes (Grade "good"), Bachelor Degree with English MOI


Other documents:

For a master’s programme, please submit these additional documents:

  • Your CV
  • A letter of motivation
  • Bachelor certificate and transcript (mandatory)
  • If you are applying for the master’s programme in Biophysics, Informatics, Infection Biology, Medical Informatics, MLS, Nutritional Medicine or IT Security, please include your bachelor’s thesis (in German or English) OR a three-page summary of the thesis (mandatory for application).
  • Infection Biology master’s programme: TOEFL score of over 75 or IELTS score of  over 6.5. No proof of German proficiency is required!!
  • For the Master Robotics and Autonomous Systems: the completed Eligibility Form
  • For the Master IT Security: the completed Eligibility Form
  • Psychology: proof of three application courses of at least 5 ECTS credits each that you have passed, i.e., one in clinical psychology and two other courses. In addition, proof of psychological methods courses comprising at least 30 ECTS credits, and at least 35 ECTS credits in clinical courses. If you have completed a neuropsychology course of at least 8 ECTS credits, your overall grade will improve by 0.2 points.

The following admission prerequisites also apply to our master’s programmes:

  • For the Medical Engineering, Computational Life Science, Robotic and Autonomous Systems, EdT, Informatics and IT.Security programmes: minimum grade point average of 2.7
  • For the Infection Biology programme: minimum grade point average of 2.3