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New in Lübeck?

Welcome to the Center for Doctoral Studies Lübeck (CDSL). We wish you a good start in the doctoral programme. Below you find information we have compiled to help ease your integration into life in Lübeck.

Health insurance

International PhD students must have a health insurance. Otherwise, it is not possible to enrol at a German University.

Detailled information is available on this website of the DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service; Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst).

PhD students with scholarships who have not been insured in public health insurance for the past 12 months (calculating from the day of registration at the University) cannot apply for public health insurance. Therefore, the only option is to apply for a private health insurance.



Government Registration Office City of Lübeck

When you have moved to Lübeck, you must register at the government registration office of the city of Lübeck within two weeks after arriving in Lübeck. Find more information here (available only in German).

Note: The registration is only possible with an appointment!


Enrolment at the University of Lübeck

As a PhD student of the University of Lübeck, you must enrol at the Student Service Centre, which is located in Hous 2 (Campus map).
This is important especially for scholarship recipients, as you are otherwise not accident insured while working at the University of Lübeck.
Please also check out these information (available only in German).

(ATTENTION: This does not apply for Medicine Students who pursue a doctorate while studying and are already enroled at the UzL!)

For the enrolment, the following documents are needed (available only in German).

Please do not forget to hand in an enrolment confirmation at the Centre for Doctoral Studies Lübeck each semester.

For the enrolment of international PhD students, please contact the International Office.

Also you have to register at the CDSL.



Life on and off Campus

: To have lunch in the canteen (Mensa), you need a canteen card. You can get it at the administration office on the groundfloor of the canteen. It costs € 15, of which € 7,50 is a deposit for the card and € 7,50 is your start credit. Check / load your card at the ticket machines in the entrance to the canteen.

Public transportation: Use your student ID card to travel free by bus within Lübeck and all the way to Travemünde. For more information, please visit AStA (Student Committee).

For current cultural events held by the Universität zu Lübeck, the University of Applied Sciences and the City of Lübeck, please click here.

The Office of the Centre for Doctoral Studies Lübeck is located in building 70 (Campus map) on the 1st floor in rooms 108 and 116.