Bachelor and Master in Psychology


In each winter semester since October 2013, students have been commencing their bachelor’s and master’s studies in psychology at Lübeck.  Since the winter semester 23/24, 100 places have been available on the Bachelor's degree course and 60 places on the Master's degree course in Psychology. 40 of these places are allocated in the Clinical Master's degree program. True to our university’s motto, “Im Focus das leben”, the students will commence with the basics, the development and examination of human experiences and behaviour.

Focus on Interdisciplinary Tasks

Our psychology programme at the Universität zu Lübeck is specially structured to qualify prospective psychologists for interdisciplinary teamwork in clinical environments, or train them as psychotherapists or clinical neuropsychologists. The programme is closely linked with the medical school and natural sciences programmes. On the one hand, this offers many synergies in the curriculum, and on the other it focusses strongly on application and research.

Specialisation in Psychotherapy

In our master’s programme in psychology at the Universität zu Lübeck, you can specialise in diagnostics and therapy of psychological disorders. We prepare our prospective psychologists for possible vocational training in psychotherapy. Yet, we place great importance on research in clinical psychology, psychotherapy, psychiatry and psychosomatics.

Specialisation in Neuropsychology

By specialising in neuropsychology, you will be educated in diagnostics and therapy of neuropsychological disorders, as well as in research of neurosciences. Our programme is linked with UKSH (University Medical Centre Schleswig-Holstein) and CBBM (Centre of Brain, Behaviour and Metabolism). This ensures you are best prepared for multidisciplinary teamwork in the worlds of science, clinics and practice. At the same time, the programme qualifies you to become a clinical neuropsychologist later.

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Structure of the Bachelor degree programme

Structure of the Master degree programme

Courses of the MINT section (Computer Science, Medical Engineering Science, Molecular Life Science and Psychology) taught in English

Although the majority of the courses in the degree programmes are taught in German, there are a number of courses taught in English that are suitable for exchange students.

Qualitätssiegel der DGPs

Seit 2018 ist der Studiengang Psychologie mit dem Qualitätssiegel der DGPs ausgezeichnet.

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