The Co-op Bachelor’s Programme in Nursing


Co-op Bachelor’s Programme in Nursing


A vocational training certificate in one of three nursing professions
(End of 6th semester): General, Paediatric, or Geriatric Nursing

University degree conferred
: Bachelor of Science (B. Sc.)

Prescribed period of study

8 semesters

Programme start

Winter semester

Number of hours/week (SWS)

20 to 23 SWS per semester, less in the 7th and 8th semesters

Number of ECTS Credits

210 ECTS credits

Admission quota

40 students


Or co-op bachelor’s programme coalesces vocational training in nursing with a university education. You will attend courses in nursing and scientific general nursing practice, general tasks in nursing and on the basics in humanities and social sciences. Moreover, you may specialise in oncology, intensive care, geriatrics, etc.

Competencies Acquired by Graduates

Clinical competencies/skills to make evidence-based decisions involving one-on-one contact with patients; Ethical competencies/skills to analyse and reflect upon ethically challenging circumstances involving care; Organisational competencies/skills to analyse current care procedures and structures, and to initiate change processes; Scientific competencies/skills to research, critically assess and apply scientific knowledge.

Student Advisor:

Claudia Szyca
Studiengangskoordination Pflege
Prof. Dr. rer. cur. Katrin Balzer
Studiengangsleitung Pflege
Katrin Hertel
Studiengangskoordination Pflege

Help with Applications:

Dr. Sabine Voigt