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Our science-based medical degree in Lübeck offers an attractive curriculum and the best possible support. We make every effort to ensure that as a student, you not only perform very well, but also acquire the skills to communicate and interact ethically with patients and colleagues. The programme is organised to empower you to contribute socially, study abroad and complete a demanding doctorate. Our goal is to enable you to achieve a responsible work-life balance.

Key Course Elements

In concert with the three-pronged research pursued in Lübeck, we have established key elements into our courses. These are integrated sequentially into the curriculum and are compulsory for all students – but do not hinder them technically or demand more of their time. From the first to the last semester, the ‘communication’, ‘prevention’ and ‘emergency medical care’ elements connect the courses and research into a science-based medical degree.

Job Prospects

We have designed our science-based medical school programme to best prepare you technically as a medical practitioner, and to help grow your personality. Consequently, in addition to good performance in examinations and your own scientific qualifications, we focus primarily on communicative and empathy skills for interacting with patients and colleagues, social commitment and active involvement in self-management at a university.

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Brief Programme Description

Our medical programme in Lübeck won the top spot – for the fourth year in a row – in a recognized ranking of German universities. We were awarded the Pure Excellence commendation for our principles, organisation, content of the medical courses, and for the support we provide our students.

We offer courses solely in German. Please apply only if your command of German is very good. For more information, please visit the German version of this website.

Information and application for international students / Erasmus students: please contact the International Office.