Application procedure

The application is made via the application portal of the University of Lübeck.

Non-EU nationals who have acquired their university entrance qualification abroad must apply for a study place (1st semester) at the University of Lübeck at uni-assist. Further information can be found here.

A letter of motivation must be submitted with the application documents. In particular, the following should be addressed

  • the suitability for this course of study based on previous education,
  • the specific talents and interests for this course of study
  • the abilities for a basic and methodological scientific approach
  • the expectations of this study program and the career goals.

Weitere Zulassungvoraussetzungen

A prerequisite for admission to the master's program in Health and
Healthcare Science is that the applicant provides the following evidence:

  1. Bachelor's degree in one of the following disciplines: Occupational Therapy, Midwifery or Midwifery Science, Public Health, Nursing or Nursing Science, Physical Therapy, Speech or Language Therapy, Therapeutic Science, or a degree in another program with a major in Health Science.
  2. Equivalent degree at a foreign institution of higher education in a closely related field of study.
  3. First degree completed with a grade of 2.7 or better.

That the bachelor's degree completed by the applicant must have included the following subject content to the extent specified in each case:

  • at least 15 KP of subject content in the area of evidence-based practice/health care.
  • at least 10 KP of subject content in the area of research methods/scientific work (excl. Bachelor thesis)
  • at least 20 KP of subject content in the area of medical basics
  • at least 5 KP of subject content in the area of health care system, health economics and/or quality management.

If the qualifying study program has not yet been completed at the time of application, but the bachelor thesis has already been started, proof of examination achievements amounting to at least 150 credit points and an average grade of at least 2.7 calculated from these examination achievements is sufficient to be admitted with reservations. In this case, the successful completion of studies must be proven within three months after the start of studies. If this is not done, the admission will expire.

Applications for the Master's program are possible from 01.05.2021 to 15.07.2021.





    Das von der Bewerberin oder dem Bewerber absolvierte Bachelorstudium muss folgende Fachinhalte im jeweils genannten Umfang umfasst haben:

    • mindestens 15 KP Fachhinhalte im Bereich der evidenzbasierten Praxis/Gesundheitsversorgung
    • mindestens 10 KP Fachhinhalte im Bereich Forschungsmethoden/wissenschaftliches Arbeiten (exkl. Bachelorarbeit)
    • mindestens 20 KP Fachinhalte im Bereich medizinischer Grundlagen
    • mindestens 5 KP Fachinhalte im Bereich Gesundheitssystem, Gesundheitsökonomie und/oder Qualitätsmanagement


    Wenn zum Bewerbungszeitpunkt das qualifizierende Studium noch nicht abgeschlossen ist, die Bachelorarbeit aber bereits begonnen wurde, genügt der Nachweis von Prüfungsleistungen im Umfang von mindestens 150 Kreditpunkten und eine aus diesen Prüfungsleistungen ermittelte Durchschnittsnote von mindestens 2,7, um unter Vorbehalt zugelassen zu werden. In diesem Fall ist der erfolgreiche Studienabschluss innerhalb von drei Monaten nach Studienbeginn nachzuweisen. Geschieht dies nicht, so erlischt die Zulassung.

    Bewerbungen zum Masterstudium sind vom 01.05.2021 bis 15.07.2021 möglich.