Auditory Technology

Our master’s programme in Auditory Technology is run jointly by the Universität zu Lübeck and the Technische Hochschule Lübeck. It is designed for graduates with a bachelor’s degree in acoustics, medical engineering, or an equivalent programme, who are interested in a scientific M.Sc. in Auditory Technology.


Our master’s programme in Auditory Technology is designed to convey in-depth knowledge in acoustics signal processing, audio measurements and auditory perception – as required in the field of audio research, for developing hearing aids and to optimise acoustic transmission systems.

Job Prospects

As a graduate of our master’s programme, you will be prepared to work in the R&D department of a hearing aid and cochlea implant manufacturer or with audio engineering firms. The doors will also be open for you in every industrial segment in which acoustics and acoustic perception are of relevance. This includes the automotive industry, technology service companies, medical departments for adjusting or researching implants, or as a teacher in vocational and university programmes. Of course, you can also pursue a doctorate in this field.

The Best Conditions for Studying & Teaching

Our university has a great teacher-student ratio, marked by dedicated professors, small workgroups and excellent facilities that foster solid support for students, not counting the ideal conditions for educational development of our lecturers.

Auditory Technology Programme

The course Auditory Technology is taught in German. Foreign applicants need to have a specific German language diploma. For further information please get in touch with our international office.
If you are interessted in our programme, please have a look at the
German pages.

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