University Education

Thank you for your interest in the study programs at the Universität zu Lübeck!

The Online Application applies to you if you are a German or EU-citizen and/or have a German university entrance qualification.

For German citizens with a university entrance qualification from outside the EU, a nationwide recognition of your university entrance qualification is required. This is issued by the Zeugnisanerkennungsstelle of the respective federal states.

If you are neither a German not a EU-citizen, please refer to the International Office of the Universität zu Lübeck .

Offers for study orientation and preparation can be found here.

If you are interested in the remote degree program "Historical town", you may find further information  here.

Application Deadlines

The university's entry postmark is the relevant date for meeting the deadlines
Winter semesterSummer semester
without entry requirements01.05. to 15.07.           01.11. to15.01. (higher semesters only)
Master01.05. to 15.07.           01.11. to 15.01.
with entry requirements01.05. to 15.09.           01.11. to 15.03. (higher semesters only)


If you have questions regarding the Bachelor degree programs or Medicine (higher semesters), please contact:

Frau Pommer (Surnames A-H), Tel. +49 451 3101 1258

Frau Harfenstein (Surnames I-P), Tel. +49 451 3101 1260

Frau Weber (Surnames Q-Z), Tel.: +49 451 3101 1261

Please note that we only offer limited telephone consultation between 1. - 25. August due to the vast amount of applications that need to be processed.

For questions regarding Medicine, first semester, please contact: 

You can apply for the summer term only for these Master degree programs: IT-Security, Entrepreneurship in digital Technologies, Mathematics in Medicine and Life Sciences, Media Informatics, Medical Informatics, Medical Engineering, Computer Science, Molecular Life Science, Robotics and Autonomous Systems as well as for the higher semesters of all degree programs. All application documents are to be provided via the application portals or email.

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You may only apply for one study program

For questions regarding the Masterdegree programs Infection Biology and Nutrutional Medicine please contact Ms Erika Czytkowski: erika.czytkowski(at)uni-luebeck(dot)de Tel. +49 451 3101 1263, Fax: - 1254,

For questions regarding the Masterdegree programs  Entrepreneurship in digital Technologies, Computer Science, IT-Security, Medical Informatics and Psycology please contact Ms Freiberg:, Tel. +49 451 3101 1267, Fax: -1254.

For questions regarding the Masterdegree programs  Health- and Supply Sciences, Hearing and Audiological Technology, Mathmatics in Medicine and Life Sciences, Media Informatics and Molecular Life Science please contact Ms Karmann:, Tel. +49 451 3101 1262, Fax: -1254.

For questions regarding the Masterdegree programs Biophysics, Medical Engineering and Robotics and Autonomous Systems please contact Ms Kahle:, Tel. +49 451 3101 1268, Fax: -1254.