Studying with a Bright Future

Our Universität zu Lübeck is known for its excellent teaching through excellence in research. The programmes we offer are ranked among the best in German speaking countries, in terms of their content and lasting impact.

Our degree programmes in the fields of Medicine and Health Sciences are complemented by bachelor’s and master’s programmes from the field of MINT and by the programme in Psychology..

Medicine and Healthcare

Ergotherapy / Logopaedics

Our Universität zu Lübeck is highly recommend for its medical school, because we have been ranked at the top for years for our “excellence without a fuss.” You can bank on our new co-op health sciences programmes that coalesce a career with a university education.

Mathematics Degree Programmes

Computational Life Science

This programme covers applied mathematics in natural sciences and medicine. When you graduate, you will be prepared to address demanding tasks in the future at the crossroads of biology, medicine, mathematics and data processing. For example, you will learn how mathematics enables you to simulate an operation, predict the efficacies of medications, or research artificial intelligence.

Informatics-Related Degree Programmes

Entrepreneurship in Digital Technologies
Computer Science (only in German)
IT Security
Media Informatics
Medical Informatics

In all these programmes, you will be taught the fundamentals of informatics that will outlast future expectations, with emphasis on a specific course.

Natural Sciences Degree Programmes

Infection Biology
Medical Nutrition Science
Molecular Life Science

In these programmes, you will gain an interdisciplinary understanding of life, in a molecular dimension or at a neuronal level. The Infection Biology master’s programme, which is taught in English, focusses on research into infectious diseases.

Technical Degree Programmes

Biomedical Engineering
Medical Engineering
Robotics and Autonomous Systems

Medicine calls for the most advanced technology. Neither medical practitioners, nor technicians, nor computer scientists can alone develop diagnostics and treatment devices for the next generation and beyond. Solid interdisciplinary skills are necessary to amalgamate the fields of medicine, medical engineering, physics, mathematics and informatics.

Courses for International Students

The university offers a range of degree programmes at the intersection of medicine, life sciences, computer science, and engineering.

Most courses of the degree programmes are taught in German, but, nevertheless, visiting exchange students can choose from a large number of individual courses taught in English

Degree Programmes for International Students

The university offers complete degree programs for international students. The courses of these programmes are taught entirely in English:

Master in Infection Biology
Master in Biomedical Engineering


International Office

The International Office offers information and services regarding your studies or your research stay at the Universität zu Lübeck.

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Continuing Education

We supplement our full-time in-class programmes with a host of interesting distance learning opportunities. For example, you can join the Historic City distance learning programme
and delve into the city’s fascinating history from a scientific standpoint.


Programme Portal

Our degree programmes and qualifications

We have programmes leading to a Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) degree and a Master of Science (M.Sc.) degree, as with the state board examination.

Degree programmes in medicine and healthcare

Our programmes at the Universität zu Lübeck are highly ranked, because we offer “excellence without a fuss.” You can bank on our co-op and supplementary Health Sciences programmes that coalesce a career with a university education.

The medical and healthcare programmes are generally taught in German. Foreign applicants need to have a specific German language diploma. The following links lead to the information pages in German.

Mathematics and Informatics programmes

In the field of informatics, we offer a multitude of paths to study further, ranging from Life Science to Medicine to studying the start-up culture and IT Security.

Natural Sciences and Psychology programmes

Gain an interdisciplinary understanding of life, in a molecular dimension or at a neuronal level (all B.Sc. degrees are taught in German; all M.Sc. degrees, except for psychology, are in English).

Engineering degree programmes

Solid interdisciplinary skills are in demand for developing next generation diagnostics and treatment devices that amalgamate the fields of medicine, medical engineering, physics, mathematics and informatics (Biomedical Engineering, Medical Microtechnology and Robotics and Autonomous Systems M.Sc. are taught in English).