Each winter semester since October 2013, forty students for both the bachelor and master degrees have begun their psychology studies in Lübeck. For the first time, as from the winter semester 2016, ninety study places will be available for the bachelor psychology studies. True to our University slogan, "Life in the Focus", they will be concerned with the basics, the development and the analysis of the human psyche.



Focus: Interdisciplinary work in the field

The psychology studies at the University of Lübeck qualifies future psycholgists to work in an interdisciplinary manner in clinicals teams and to qualify as psychotherapists or clinical neuropsychologists. There is a close interdisciplinary link to medical studies and the natural sciences. On the one hand, the curriculum creates many synergetic effects, on the other hand, this field of study is strongly aligned with application and research.

Focus: Psychotherapy

In the Master degree at the University of Lübeck, the focus is on the field of clinical diagnostics and therapy of psychological disorders. The future psychologists are prepared for possible subsequent studies in the field of psychotherapy. However, research in clinical psychology, psychotherapy, psychiatry and psychosomatic medicine is of great importance.

Focus: Neuropsychology

In Neuropsychology the studies focus on the application field of clinical diagnostics and the therapy of neuropsychological dysfunctions, as well as research into cognitive neuroscience. Through cooperation with the Neurology Clinic and the "Center of Brain, Behavior and Metabolism", the students are optimally prepared for their work in interdisciplinary teams in science, clinic and practice. At the same time students are qualified for possible further studies in clinical Neuropsychology.

Courses for Exchange Students

Although the majority of the courses in the degree programmes are taught in German, there are a number of courses taught in English that are suitable for exchange students.

If you are interested in coming to Lübeck and participating in one of these courses, please contact our International Office.

Bachelor and Master in Psychology

The courses of the bachelor and master degree programmes are generally taught in German. In particular, it is advantageous for applicants to have a good command of German. You find some information about the structure of both programmes below, but for more details please consult the German pages.

Structure of the Bachelor degree programme

Structure of the Master degree programme

Courses of the MINT section (Computer Science, Medical Engineering Science, Molecular Life Science and Psychology) taught in English

Although the majority of the courses in the degree programmes are taught in German, there are a number of courses taught in English that are suitable for exchange students.

Degree Programmes