Magnetic nanoparticles

The Institute of Medical Engineeringat the University of Lübeck is investigating a novel tracer-based imaging method for medicine that could revolutionize radiology. On 22 July 2019, a new publication appeared in the renowned scientific journal "Nature - Scientific Reports" in which it is shown for the first time how the contrasting magnetic nanoparticles used as tracers are produced in a chemical synthesis.

Lübeck Radiotherapy Department Starts Cooperation with Ottawa

The Departments for Radiotherapy in Lübeck and Ottawa, Canada, have signed a Memorandum of Understanding and agreed to collaborate in various academic fields. Prof. Dr. Dirk Rades, holder of the chair of radiotherapy at the University of Lübeck, visited the University Hospital in Ottawa in June together with the leading physicist Dr. Florian Cremers and the physician Dr. Liesa Dziggel.

Project to predict Parkinson’s disease using artificial intelligence

The Foundation (MJFF) for Parkinson’s Research (founded by the US actor of the same name known from movies such as “Back to the Future”) decided to fund a research project aimed at better prediction algorithms for Parkinson’s disease using artificial intelligence techniques. Read more...



Tuesday 10, September 2019

Diet reveals hidden genetic associations

Study published in Nature Communications

3D Week

Themed week and conference on additive manufacturing in the medical field, from 9–13 September 2019 | Lübeck, Germany

Friday 06, September 2019

Predicting Parkinson’s Using Artificial Intelligence

Junior Research Group Leader to receive € 650,000 research funding from Michael J Fox Foundation

Groundbreaking Ceremony for the CRIS

Research on Inflammation of the Skin