Parkinson-Vorhersage mittels künstlicher Intelligenz

Mit 725.000 US-Dollar (ca. 650.000 Euro) fördert die Michael-J.-Fox-Stiftung ein aus Lübeck angeleitetes Projekt zur Vorhersage der Parkinson-Krankheit mittels künstlicher Intelligenz. Die von dem amerikanischen Schauspieler (u.a. bekannt aus dem Film “Zurück in die Zukunft”) initiierte und nach ihm benannte Stiftung unterstützt die Erforschung der Parkinson-Krankheit, an der er selbst leidet. Weiterlesen...


Infection & Inflammation

As part of the Inflammation at Interfaces excellence cluster, eight institutes and four clinics are investigating microbial noxae and inflammatory reactions.

ZIEL - Centre for Infection and Inflammation Research Lübeck
CSCM - Centre for Medical Structure and Cell Biology
CCIM - Center for Comprehensive Inflammation Medicine

Brain, Behaviour & Metabolism

The research groups in the focus area investigate the mutual relationships between central nervous regulation, endocrinium and metabolism as well as normal and disturbed behaviour.

CBBM – Center of Brain, Behavior and Metabolism

Biomedical Engineering

Biomedical engineering deals with imaging and image processing topics for diagnostic and therapeutic applications at the cellular and organ level.

CIS – Center for Imaging Sciences
TANDEM – Technology and Engineering in Medicine


The research profile is characterized by other interdisciplinary subject areas: