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The courses 2023 will be bookable as soon as possible in the Weiterbildungsportal (possibly not all at the same time, but gradually).

To enable you to plan your times for courses you would like to attend, we have created the following schedule overview for you.

This overview is not complete and cannot be maintained further, therefore WITHOUT WARRANTY. However, we hope that this will be of some help to you.

Please note that some courses require additional preparation/self-study time. The duration to be planned for this will be added later in the course portal.
The same applies to the credit points (CP). We ask for your understanding.


Courses offered by CDSL:

Thesis Writing for doctoral candidates in the STEM (MINT) sections

25.01.+01.+08.+15.02.2023, jeweils 14-17 Uhr

(Videos jeweils 1 Wo. vorher verfügbar. Erste Aufgabe vermutlich am 18.01.2023)

(A thesis writing course for doctoral candidates in Medicine is being planned. We will keep you informed.)

Gute wissenschaftliche Praxis

28.01.2023 (Samstag), 9-17 Uhr
CP: 0,5

Scientific Writing:
Project proposals

13.+14.02.2023, 9:00-13:30 Uhr

(Vorbereitende Aufgaben vermutlich ab 23.01.2023. Follow-up am 13.03.2023, 09:00-16:00 Uhr)

How to Think Critically and to Argue Convincingly for Docs & Post-Docs

27.+28.02.2023, 9-16:30 Uhr

Steuertipps für Promovierende

07.03.2023, 9-15 Uhr

Communicate - Cooperate – Convince

09.+10.03.2023, 9-17 Uhr. PRÄSENZ!

Supervision of doctoral students as a task of leadership

(unter Vorbehalt) 22.+23.03.2023, 9:00-13:30 Uhr. Vermutlich PRÄSENZ!

Good Scientific Practice

24.03.2023 (Freitag), 9-17 Uhr
CP: 0,5

Intercultural communication

31.03.2023, Uhrzeit noch unklar. PRÄSENZ!

Ethics in Science- Introduction

20.04.2023, 13-17 Uhr. Evtl. PRÄSENZ!

Time and project management for doctoral students

27.04.2023, 9-17 Uhr. Evtl. PRÄSENZ!

How to slam science and why

28.04.2023, 9-18 Uhr. PRÄSENZ!

Professor wanted! Planning and optimizing your academic career

03.05.2023, 9-17 Uhr

Biostatistics I – Basics

09.+10.05.2023, 9-15 Uhr

Biostatistics II – Practical Issues and Solutions

11.+12.05.2023, 9-15 Uhr

Gute wissenschaftliche Praxis

20.05.2023 (Samstag), 9-17 Uhr
CP: 0,5

Leadership as an aspect of modern supervision

(unter Vorbehalt) 24.+25.05.2023, 9:00-13:30 Uhr. Evtl. PRÄSENZ!

Make an impact! Networking and Self-Marketing Skills for Scientists

01.+02.06.2023, 9-17 Uhr bzw. 9-13 Uhr. PRÄSENZ!

Career Networking

09.+16.06.2023, 9-13 Uhr

Good Scientific Practice

17.06.2023 (Samstag), 9-17 Uhr
CP: 0,5

Statistics – Logistic Regression

20.06.2023, 9-13:30 Uhr

University career and alternative career paths

21. + 23.06.2023, 9-12 Uhr

Ethics in Science - Advanced Course I: Artificial Intelligence

29.06.2023, 10:30-16:30 Uhr

Ethics in Science - Advanced Course II: Big Data

30.06.2023, 10:30-16:30 Uhr

(more to come)

 Information on Good Scientific Practice