CHE Ranking: Top Marks for Study Programme Conditions

High levels of student satisfaction at the University of Lübeck – new rankings for engineering and psychology.

The University of Lübeck received excellent approval ratings in the 2019/20 rankings of the CHE Centre for Higher Education. The university’s (interdisciplinary) engineering and psychology programmes were newly ranked this year.

In the student-led assessment, the university scored excellently in (interdisciplinary) engineering in the sections “teacher support” and “exams” and under “facts on teaching and research” in the area “contact with work environment master”. Psychology also scored very highly in “teacher support”, “exams”, “connection to science”, and “rooms” as well under “facts on teaching and research” in the area “graduations in appropriate time” for both undergraduate and master programmes.

“We’re very pleased with the excellent results of the CHE survey,” says the head of the psychology study programme at the University of Lübeck, Prof. Dr. Nico Bunzeck. “The results can be seen as a great success for the programme, especially in light of the increased number of students choosing the bachelor study programme in psychology in the last three years.”

Most comprehensive and detailed higher education ranking in German-speaking countries

For over 21 years, the CHE has been providing information and transparency on over 30 subjects to help prospective students find suitable offers. It is the most comprehensive and detailed ranking in German-speaking countries, examining over 300 higher education institutes and surveying over 150,000 students. The ranking offers information on study programmes, teaching, and research, as well as students’ verdicts on conditions at their respective higher education institute.

Every subject is re-evaluated every three years. In 2019 these subjects are British/American studies, architecture, civil and environmental engineering, biotechnology, chemical engineering/applied chemistry, electrical engineering  and  information technology,  energy technology,  education,  German studies, mechanical engineering,  mechatronics,  physical  engineering,  psychology,  Romance studies,  environmental engineering, process engineering and materials science.

Last year, the university’s dual programme in nursing was evaluated for the first time. The subject immediately obtained an excellent ranking with regard to “contact with work environment”.

The detailed rankings of the University of Lübeck for 2019 can be found on the CHE website and in the ZEIT newspaper’s 2019/20 student guide.