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BMBF Networks
Joint Research

BMBF Networks

In November 2010, the Universität zu Lübeck became partner in three out of four new German Centres for Healthcare Research. Moreover, Lübeck researchers are involved in numerous other BMBF networks:

I. German Centres for Healthcare Research

In a grant procedure with international reviewing for the implementation of four new German Centres for Healthcare Research, the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) received 77 proposals from 27 institutions – and Lübeck has become a partner in three of these centres:

German Centre for Pulmonary Research (DZL)

German Centre for Cardiovascular Research (DZHK)

German Centre for Infection Research (DZIF)

II. Involvement in other BMBF networks


Medical Infection Genomics (2010-2013)
Project Lübeck "CHI - Chlamydia-Host-Interactome"

Project Lübeck: Prof. Dr. med. J. Rupp, Dept. for Med. Microbiology & Hygiene

NGFN PLUS Cardiovascular Research (2008-2011) Cluster Project "Atherogenomics -
Identification and Characterisation of the Genetic Risk for Arteriosclerosis"

Project Lübeck: Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Jeanette Erdmann, Dept. for Integrative and Experimental Genomics

BMBF Initiative: Innovation in Developing Medication:
"Human Heart Models" (2008-2011)

Project Lübeck: Prof. Dr. rer. nat. H. Terlau, Dept. for Experimental and Clinical Pharmacology & Toxicology

BMBF Network of Excellence "Cardiac Insufficiency" (2003-2011)
Project Lübeck: Prof. Dr. med. H. Schunkert, Medical Dept. II - Cardiology

NGFN PLUS Neuro (2008-2011)
Cluster Project "Functional Genomics of Parkinson`s Disease"

Project Lübeck: Prof. Dr. med. C. Klein, Dept. for Neurogenetics

BMBF Network of Excellence CAPNETZ - Community-Acquired Pneumonia (2002-2010)
Project Lübeck: Prof. Dr. med. K. Dalhoff, Medical Dept. III - Pneumology

BMBF NanoCare Programme - Carbon Black: Predicting Toxicity of Synthetic Carbon Black Nano-Particles for Humans (2010-2013)
Project Lübeck: Dr. med. P. König, Dept. for Anatomy

Network for Rare Diseases, Disorders of Sex Development / Intersexuality (2003-2010)
Coordinator: Prof. Dr. med. U Thyen, Dept. for Pediatrics 

BMBF Cluster Project "MISSinG: Infektionen des Skelettsystems in Deutschland beherrschen" (2010-2013)
Subproject leader BIPROM-P: PD Dr. Dr. med. J. K. Habermann, Dept. for Surgery / Project Lübeck: PD Dr. med. A. P. Schulz, Dept. for Surgery of Skeletal and Motor Disorder

BMBF Cluster Project "Colon-Chip: Biochip for diagnosis of colorectal tumors" (2007-2011)
Coordination: PD Dr. Dr. med. J. Habermann, Dept. for Surgery

BMBF Surgery Study Network (2007-2010-2013)
"CHIR-Net" - Regional Surgery Centre of Schleswig-Holstein
Head of regional centre: PD Dr. Dr. med. U. J. Roblick, Dept. for Surgery

SOMIT - Innovative Techniques for Gentle Surgery
"FUSION" Cluster (2005-2010)

Coordination: Prof. Dr. med. H.-P. Bruch, Dept. for Surgery

Computer Science | Engineering

Real-World G-Lab (2009-2012) Coordination: Prof. Dr. Stefan Fischer, Dept. for Telematics, Project Lübeck: Prof. Dr. Kay Römer, Dept. for Technical Informatics

SmartAssist (2009-2012) Project Lübeck: Prof. Dr. Stefan Fischer/Prof. Dr. Andreas Schrader, Dept. for Telematics, Prof. Dr. Alfred Mertins, Dept. for Signal Processing

BMBF Life Sciences

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