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Infection & Inflammation
Research Programmes

Infection & Inflammation

Lübeck's research programme "Infection and Inflammation" focusses on microbial noxae and inflammatory reactions.

As inflammation is the steady reaction of cells, tissues and organs to potentially injurious agents, the goal is to reinstate a patient’s physiological integrity by eliminating or neutralising the noxae.

The underlying procedures are essentially similar, with minor differences governed by the injurious agents, the sensors that recognise the danger, and the reaction arising at the location following the infection.

The contributing scientific groups concentrate primarily on understanding what takes place at various levels at the site of infection. For one, they compare the sequence of events that occur in the skin, lungs, intestines and tissues from physiological and pathophysiological perspectives and consequently analyse their connection to neurohormonal feedback mechanisms. Secondly, they also investigate organically similar cell groups to study inflammatory processes within and among individual cells in order to characterise paradigmatic triggering factors (such as microorganisms, parts of complement systems, autoantigens) and devise inhibition strategies.

The research findings are given direct clinical access by the Comprehensive Center for Inflammation Medicine, following regular interdisciplinary consultations among the clinics involved.

Roughly 80 scientists at twelve different departments are collaborating in this programme. They are organized in the Center for Infection and Inflammation Lübeck (ZIEL).

Spokesperson: Prof. Dr. med. Werner SolbachDept. for Medical Microbiology and Hygiene


Prof. Dr. med. Werner Solbach        Institute for Med. Microb. & Hygiene


German Centre for Infection Research

DFG Cluster of Excellence

Center for Infection and Inflammation Lübeck (ZIEL)