Biomedical Students' Symposium

Journey and Accomodations


If you'll be more than four people, we recommend car sharing. If you'll go by train, there will be signs at the main station in Lübeck that show you how to get to our university.

Short description: Leave central station, cross the road and go to 'ZOB'.

We recommend to take the bus line 1 or 9 with direction 'Hochschulstadtteil', 'Grillenweg' or 'Stephensonstraße' and leave the bus at bus stop 'Fachhochschule'. 

You also can take bus line 6 with direction 'Blankenseer Dorfplatz', 'Blankensee Flughafen' or 'St. Hubertus' and leave at bus stop 'Universität'.

There you'll find destination boards.

For more information go to: and enter 'Lübeck ZOB' as starting point and 'Lübeck Fachhochschule' (or 'Lübeck Universität') as destination, then you can enter your arrival time at main station (+5 minutes walk).


The Reception will be in the foyer of the Audimax. Please be sure to check in between 15.00 and 19.00. There we will pay the deposit of 20 € back to you (minus possible costs for accommodation and city tour). Additionally, you will receive a confirmation of participation, if desired. If you intend to arrive on Friday, please fill in the annotation field (see registration).


If you decide to sleep in the gym of the 'Paul-Klee-Schule', please bring a mattress and a sleeping bag. It will be charged with 5 € per night. Fortunately the gym is very close to the Audimax (click right),
so it's perfect for late risers. 

In addition, our nice fellow students offer you couch surfing. 
(see registration)

Car Sharing



Ratzeburger Allee 160, 23562 Lübeck

Walk to the gym

Alexander-Fleming-Straße 6-12,
23562 Lübeck