Biomedical Students' Symposium


In 2006, the Friedrich-Alexander University of Erlangen made the first Biomedical Students' Symposium possible animated by the thought of having a get-together of students that are interested in molecular mechanisms of health and disease. 

Nowadays, students from all over Germany (and also neighboring countries) participate in the annual Biomedical Students' Symposium to get in touch with like-minded classmates, to learn about latest innovations of a specific topic and to enjoy the whole experience of beeing part of such a symposium.

There's a large series of universities to host this event (see right), always pretty successful (about 200 participants).Since 2010, the symposium does not only consist of hands-off listening to presentations of renowned researchers and scientist but also of active deeds in workshops, a great opportunity to gain more experience and to be way closer to the topic. 

2006 Erlangen
2007 Freiburg
2008 Bonn
2009 Erlangen
2010 Würzburg
2011 Göttingen
2012 Bonn
2013 Lübeck

The symposia are held under the patronage and as a meeting of the study group Molecular Medicine of the Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology.