Molecular Life Science


Save the dates:

March 2014:             Mosbacher Kolloquium

March/April 2014:     Spring Students' Symposium in 
                                Furtwangen/Villingen Schwenningen

Oct./Nov. 2014:        Students' Symposium in Erlangen

July 2015:                 40th FEBS Congress



Welcome to Lübeck!

Dear students,

We are proud to be able to host the 8th Biomedical Students’ Symposium in Lübeck. For this occasion we have chosen a topic that is particular for Lübeck: From Infection to Therapy – Trends in Virology

But first things first: Who are 'we'?

We are students of the bachelor’s and master’s degree program Molecular Life Science and work on the organization of the symposium in parallel to our lectures and practical courses. This includes not only the planning of the event, but also the recruitment of sponsors and invitation of guest speakers, the organization of workshops, accommodation as well as transport, and much more. But the effort is worth the trouble: previous symposia enjoyed great popularity and we again expect to welcome a great number of students this year.

You are a student of bioscience, biomedicine, biotechnology or related subjects who likes to think outside the box? You want to meet likeminded people who are really interested in their subject? Then this will be the place to be for you. You are welcome to join our event to discover the latest trends in virology. To understand everything, it is not necessary to have in-depth knowledge of this subject, but it will be helpful to understand English well enough in order to follow the talks.

On this website you will find information about the talks, speakers and workshops as well as answers to the most frequently asked questions.

We are looking forward to seeing you!

Our program guide is now available.