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Two practical courses covering different skills, described here, have to be acquired. Both practical courses together must last 22 weeks (full time) with one of the two internships lasting at least 12 weeks. Combinations of 10 plus 12 weeks or 8 plus 14 weeks proved useful.

The practical courses must be approved by Prof. Schaible or Prof. Taube at least 4 weeks in advance. Students must make use of the online registation form.

The data and results of the internships have to be presented and defended in the form of a poster (one internship) an oral presentation (the other internship) in front of two referees. Obviously, presented content/results should be coordinated and approved by your internship supervisor! Both oral and poster will be graded by the two referees independently and the results will be averaged.

The next round of presentations of the internships is scheduled for:

Tuesday, April 4th, 2023 (8 am – 16 pm, exact times to be announced) in the CBBM building

Application for talk and/or poster presentation (title, institute, supervisor) is done online.

Registration closes one week in advance, but please register as soon as possible.

Some information for the presentations can be found here: