Examination Regulation

For the master program Infection Biology several rules apply:

1. The universal Examination Procedure Regulations (Prüfungsverfahrensordnung "PVO"): These rules include guidelines that apply to all technical and scientific programs of the University of Lübeck.

2. The course-specific Degree Regulations (Studiengangsordnung "SGO"): which are specific to the certain course of study. Note, the most current versions available/published at the time of student's enrollment (1. week of October) applies throughout her/his studies!

3. The Higher Education Act of Schleswig-Holstein “Hochschulgesetz Schleswig-Holstein” is very clear as to whether attendance (physical presence i.e. active participation) is mandatory or not:

§52(12) Examination Regulations: A compulsory participation of students in courses may not be regulated as a prerequisite for participation in examinations, unless the course is an excursion, a language course, an internship, a practical exercise or a comparable course.


Besides the practicals, all IB seminars have a clear course/exercise character with group discussions. Because of this, your attendance throughout all of the seminars is mandatory! Attendance at lectures is not mandatory by law but highly recommended as a good preparation for the oral/written examination.



The University Law pages contain laws, statutes, regulations, agreements and general information relevant to the work of the committees and members of the University of Lübeck.


All information is provided on the German pages where you can also find some statutes and regulations in English versions: