Infection Biology


Infection Biology is a two year Master program in the field of Life Science. It is a joint program of the Universität zu Lübeck and the Research Center Borstel. The program starts October 1th of each year.

Manor house Research Center Borstel


Specifications of the program

Graduation: Master of Science in Infection Biology

Requirements*: Bachelor in biology, biochemistry, molecular life sciences or a 2nd state exam in human or veterinary medicin

*Not eligible are for example students with degrees in Biotechnology, Chemistry, Dental-Hygiene, Nursing, Medical Laboratory Science, Pharmacy or any 1st professional degree in Medicine e.g. an MBBS.

Duration: 4 semesters, 120 ECTS

Beginning: Winter semester of each year (October 1st)

Language: English

Enrollment fee: None

Semester fee: 260 € (includes for example University Sports, Student Services Association fee, AstA membership, public transport in Lübeck, Schleswig-Holstein and Hamburg)

Application period: May 1st - July 15th

Accreditation: by ASIIN