Information for international doctoral researchers

Practical advice for international doctoral researchers

CDSL supports international doctoral researchers by offering professional advice, a wide range of training qualifications in English (and German), as well as networking opportunities.

We support you in planning your promotion and are happy to help with any questions you may have.  

Our continuing education programme of specialist and interdisciplinary workshops and courses is very diverse and many of the sessions are held in English. Generally, the tutors are internationally experienced and address specific challenges facing international doctoral researchers.

The International Office supports international students and international doctoral researchers with a wide range of services, including enrollment, academic eligibility, and housing. 

German language courses are offered free of charge and can be attended by international doctoral researchers.

For information about visas, insurance and similar topics, we recommend you consult euraxess. It is a very helpful site.


Government Registration Office City of Lübeck

You must register at Lübeck’s government registration office within two weeks of arriving in the city.

Note: registration is only possible with an appointment!


Open a bank account

For doctoral researchers from non-EU countries it is recommended to open an account at a German bank right at the beginning of their stay in Germany. This facilitates monthly payments for rent, electricity, internet and avoids unnecessary costs for international bank transfers.
The following documents must be presented to open an account:

  • identity card/passport with visa
  • confirmation of registration with local address
  • tax number
  • student ID card or proof of admission to studies/doctorate

Doctoral researchers should ensure that there is always enough money in the account to cover running costs.