University of Life Sciences

Research and teaching at the Universität zu Lübeck started in the field of medicine, but our computer science, natural sciences, and engineering faculties today encompass much more. The common element among them is their emphasis on life sciences, also mirrored by our motto, Im Focus das Leben (Focus on Life).

Interdisciplinary Programmes

We offer degree programmes in medicine, computer science, molecular life science, computational life science, and medical engineering science. We initiated a master’s programme in biomedical engineering in collaboration with the University of Applied Sciences of Lübeck

Research at the Cutting Edge

The ubiquitous, intensive, interdisciplinary exchange at the university is the motor for superior, internationally outstanding, innovative and knowledge-oriented basic research marked by multifaceted applications. We strive to constantly raise the bar for the quality of our research and education and to master the challenges and opportunities of worldwide competition. We thus team-up with both national and international research institutions.

Excellence in Education Through Excellent Research

Our systematic and didactically well structured, multifaceted, research-based teaching forms the foundation of one of the best ranked universities in the German speaking world. The Centre for Development of Higher Education (CHE) ranked our faculty of medicine as the best, followed by the computer science and molecular life science faculties taking second place.

Worldwide Collaboration

The Universität zu Lübeck is internationally distinguished for its research and the high quality of academic education.

Collaboration with Industry

Intensive transfer of knowledge and technology also distinguishes the Universität zu Lübeck. We ranked among the top five universities in Germany in the competition on Exchanges between Universities and Corporations. We work closely with regional and global businesses who specialise in this field, in order to optimise commercialisation of our research.

A Campus Full of Life

There is also a life outside of laboratories and auditoriums – enriched by our abundant cultural and sports activities.

Lübeck – a City of Science and Culture

Our university is intertwined in the many-sided cultural life of the city. We enrich this vibrant scene through our public lectures, colloquia, congresses, symposia, and concerts given by the university orchestra and choir. We play a decisive role in enhancing the reputation of Lübeck as the City of Science.

A City and its Environs Offering the Best Quality of Life

Lübeck is the outcome of an 800-year history. For a long time, this City at the Trave River was one of the key trading centres of Northern Europe. It is the home of two Nobel Laureates for Literature and one winner of the Nobel Peace Prize. The cultural scene in the city has been shaped permanently by the heritage of Thomas Mann, Günter Grass and Willy Brandt. Lübeck is situated between the metropolis of Hamburg, and the expansive flat sandy beaches of the Lübeck cove reaching out to the sea.

An Overview of the Universität zu Lübeck

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