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Lübeck University Orchestra

Lübeck University Orchestra

In 1991, a small group of music aficionados studying medicine founded this orchestra. Since then, it has grown to a stately size of almost 70 musicians. Most of the musicians are students, but anyone may join. The orchestra practices once a week in the Institute for Medical History and Science Research and a public concert is held regularly at the end of each semester. It also performs at official university functions, like welcoming new students at the start of their first semester, at convocations and awards ceremonies.

The orchestra plays both rare and new pieces. Since 1995, it premiered six commissioned compositions.

In June 2000, it took part in a national competition in Karlsruhe staged every four years by the German Music Council, and came in fifth.

The orchestra also travelled to partner universities such as Tartu (Estonia) in 1997 and Bergen (Norway) in 2000. Moreover, it performed at the fimu festival in Belfort (France) in 2002, and did an exchange performance with the university orchestra in Parma (Italy) in 2003.

If you wish to make a donate to support the work of this orchestra, please contact Christopher Blaum (phone +49 (0)176 2034689) for more details.

For information on the current programme and practice sessions, please visit the orchestra’s Website: