Gesunde Hochschule

Addiction Prevention and Assistance - an offering for university staff members

Often it begins quite harmlessly: alcohol, sleeping pills or other substances are occasionally taken to come to rest and relax. It can then become a habit and even a must. You cannot or don’t want to live without the substance. A dependency can develop. Even Internet games and social networks on the Internet can become an addiction that you can hardly get rid of on your own.

Don’t let it get that far, if you can help it! And if it’s already happened, take the signs seriously and seek help. In support of that, as a member of staff at the University of Lübeck, you can make use of a non-binding and confidential counselling session. In such a session, you can take a look at the situation together and decide what steps are probably the best ones to help you find yourself again.


Prof. Dr. med. Klaus Junghanns
Tel: +49 451 500 2471