Qualitäts- und Organisationsentwicklung

Corona Special Funding Program for Scientists at the University of Lübeck

Internal funding possibility in case of Corona-related delay of qualification work

With this special funding program, the University of Lübeck supports scientists who have been affected by the corona pandemic before completing their doctoral or postdoctoral thesis. The program is open to all subject areas. This is intended to provide an opportunity if the completion of the qualification work has been delayed or will be delayed foreseeably by the corona pandemic and if (complete) financing from institute or third-party funds is fundamentally not possible. The need for the program had become apparent in the course of a special evaluation on influences of the corona pandemic on the career development of scientists in summer 2021.

Basic requirements:

  • Employees or scholarship holders emploeyd at UzL with ongoing qualification work at UzL and at least one supervisor at UzL
  • Qualification work has been delayed for corona reasons
  • Realizable time schedule to complete the project with the help of a bridging period of up to three months

Awarding based on the criteria:

  • Childcare
  • Care of relatives
  • Loss of access to labs, equipment, data materials, original sources, etc.
  • Additional workload due to tasks in the digitization of teaching

Awarding in two tranches:

  • Total 14 grants (each 50% E13 TV-L for 3 months)
  • If possible, increase of the position by clinics/institutes
  • First award round in 2022, further round in 2023


  • Privacy information for applicants
  • Electronic application via online form
    (Deadline for second award round: November 1, 2022)
  • Selection decision by commission
  • Short online final evaluation by 3 months after end of funding at the latest

Selection Committee:

  • Sandra Magens (Chancellor as patron)
  • Dr. Solveig Simowitsch (Equal Opportunity Officer)
  • Dr. Nina Perwitz (Haed of Research Management)
  • Prof. Dr. Jennifer Hundt (LIED)/ Stand-in: Prof. Annette Baumgärtner (Institute for Health Sciences)
  • Prof. Dr. Esfandiar Mohammadi (Institute for IT Security)
  • Dr. Friederike Kosyna / Stand-in: Dr. Reinhard Depping (Institute for Physiology)
  • Christian Weihsbach (Institute of Medical Informatics)

Status: All grants have been awarded. It is no longer possible to apply. We wish all candidates success and all the best!

press release December 1, 2022
press release June 30, 2022