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200-euro one-off payment for students

Tuesday, 14-03-2023

One-time energy price allowance: tips and advices

Eligible are students who were enrolled at the University of Lübeck on December 1, 2022 were matriculated at the University of Lübeck and have their usual place of residence in Germany. The one-off payment can be applied for in the period from March 15, 2023 - September 30, 2023.


Students who are exmatriculated at the present time and were enrolled on December 1, 2022 are also eligible.

The one-off energy price allowance (in german "Energiepreispauschale") is also available to foreign students, part-time students, doctoral students, dual students, students on leave of absence, and employed students. There is no entitlement for guest students.

How do I get the access code and pin code?

Each student eligible to apply will receive the access code after logging into the QIS portal. Under my function you will find the EPPSG access code and the EPPSG pin code.

If you no longer have access to the QIS portal because you are already exmatriculated, please contact ssc(at)uni-luebeck(dot)de. You can find out all further steps of the application here: