Department of in-house education


The University of Lübeck is responsible for the professional and private development of all their members.

The University of Lübeck sees its members as personally and professionally competent people who develop themselves responsibly by Lifelong Learning (work-learn-live balance). Besides the classical areas in human resources development: adminstration, qualification and promotion, organizational development the university now offers also in-house education for its members with further training for targeted groups as well as an open program. These trainings are on a high qualitative and scientific level, are free of charge for all members of the university and can be visited within the working hours.

The goals of the in-house education are:

  • Training of (young) academics to undertake assignments and careers in research, teaching, transfer and science management inside and outside of the university as well as for international areas of responsibility.
  • Training of the scientific staff with temporary contracts for careers in research and non-scientific national and international work fields.
  • Staff's training and advancement in personality development for a good, individually satisfactory and creative work in science, teaching, transfer and administration at a high quality. Further  good cooperation within and across professional borders.

The department of in-house education offers courses to all status-groups, sorted by area of competence and targeted groups. These offerings are freely selectable and can be visited within the working hours.

All participants receive a certificate of attendance after the event. This certificate will be sent as a copy to human resources department.